These are some of my favorite places on the Internet, presented in no particular order.

Twenty Sided Blog
The late, great Shamus Young wrote a blog which ran from 2006 until his untimely death at age 50 from cardiac arrest. Shamus wrote about gaming, programming, software, and life, always with an analytical bent and an empathetic heart. I'll keep re-reading the archives from time, and his kids have taken over the work of updating new content while remastering his older work.

Sterling Trail
My brother is a sculptor of substantial talent specializing in metals and ceramics. You can see his portfolio at his website.

Eco-Librium Farm
The best produce in or around Waynesboro, Virginia. Sustainably farmed by my excellent sister Claire Trail.

Focal Point Photography
My good friend and fellow creative Isaiah Clogston is an enthusiastic photographer, and is currently opening a photography business in Manchester, New Hampshire.
The zooming artwork of Nikolaus Baumgarten. Highly influential to my artistic development. Basically everything Baumgarten has done is interesting to look at!