I don't remember if I explicitly said as much, but I planned from the outset to post one painting a week. For a while I was remarkably consistent about this, and with good reason: I had a solid 40-plus backlog of artwork to post, and I was cranking through a painting every two weeks. I was on track to comfortably finish Elsewalker before I ran out of stuff to post, and by then maybe I'd have a plan for what happens next.

But life got busy, to the point where i was neither painting nor preparing things to post. And, well, I've burned through most of the paintings I am most ready to post. Some of it is quality ("maybe I should touch that painting up before I post it. that part's a little iffy...") and some of it's not. Regardless, though, I will get there.

I'm not sure how many people actually follow these, but to anybody out there wondering where the updates went: I'm sorry! I will resume the weekly update schedule beginning tomorrow.

I will end this post with a work-in-progress snap of my current project. I'm really excited about this one and look forward to posting it soon.

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