The Valley of Guf, June 2023. 92 Hrs

A valley through which all souls travel twice. A road littered by the things cast off by weary travelers going home. A place where some linger and others slip away to see what awaits beyond the path. A moment of communion, of longing, of loneliness. A farewell.

The Valley of Guf is one of the more personally important pictures I have done to date, so much that it is hard for me to talk about what it represents. And as usual, there's a lot going on (and a lot of that is pretty unrelated to the central themes.)

This painting is about death, moreso than the rest of the sequence. It is about the transition, and reflects my need to imagine death as a journey instead of an ending. In that way, it is a work of optimism.

The world of The Hylozoist is in between the land of the living and the realm of the dead, where expectation and surprise act as fundamental forces which shape matter. It is not a safe place, but some are able to safely traverse it. This valley is the place from which we all come, and to which we must all return.

The Hylozoist is a long-form digital project I began in February 2020. Each painting tells a story, and each painting tells another story when viewed in context. Also, each painting can be followed to the next painting in the series if you follow the most interesting thing in the scene.

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