Digital pencil sketch. 2h

This is the first of a new series I am working on featuring monsters. I have been feeling pretty burned out lately, and it takes a heck of a lot of time to put a painting together for The Hylozoist. But, I have been sketching a lot, and I am going to be sharing the best of those whenever I can.

I have always liked monsters of all sorts. Scary monsters, sympathetic monsters, humanoid or abstract, villainous or heroic, it doesn't matter. So this series is a celebration of that, and will be a number of mostly monochrome pencil drawings done on an iPad. The goal is to not spend too long on any of them, lest I make this set impossible to add to in a mortal frame of time.

Aesthetically I would like to capture something of the graphical adventures on the Macintosh during the monochrome era, using dithering and hatching to communicate shadow.

So, Molra: Knight of Perdition. He is a mouth in a suit of armor, accompanied always by Scamper (his faithful turtle companion.) The Knights of Perdition were an ancient order, and once as numerous as blades of grass in the Hugan kingdom. Molra likes to think that he is not the last, but he has not met another one in a long time. The knights were immune to sorcery, for the blessing of their faith set them apart from tainted energy.