The Elsewalker is a series of 52 paintings which take the viewer on a direct, sequential journey through another world.

  • There are 52 paintings in the sequence.
  • Each painting is nested inside of the previous image.
  • Each painting stands alone.
  • Each painting tells a story with the others, often the paintings closest to it.
  • Sometimes that story depends on which order you look at them.
  • Some of the stories are literal, but some of them are damnable allegory.
  • Each painting is as abstract as necessary to deliver its payload.

Compositionally, the paintings are all digital, but not of consistent dimension, technique, or style. They take place in the Otherwhere, which operates on dream-logic, where the realms of the living and the dead run into and through one another, where spaces are shaped by dominion and ruin alike.

The Elsewalker is a meditation on curiosity, on hopelessness, on being lost, of finding ourselves somewhere we are not supposed to be, in finding the beauty in places that reject us. And for me, it is my way to explore the borderlands of a place I have glimpsed a thousand times, but have visited only in sleep.

, Art