They Call Her Ruin, 2022

I dreamt of Ruin, sister of Death. Her brother is slow, he is patient, he is waiting.

Ruin does not wait, and her arrows find your back when you least expect it. And when you are riddled with Ruin's arrows, Death is never far behind.

This is part of a series I had conceptualized in early 2022, at a time when no matter how much it felt like I might get on top of my life, something new would come and leave me even worse off. I had visualized Death, Decay, and Ruin, and I sort of expected a fourth would suggest itself.

To date I have only painted Ruin and Decay, but the paintings are stylistically very different and do not fit together as a set. I was very sure it was important that I paint all four, at one time, but I do not feel that way anymore.

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