Digital sketch, 2024

This is the second B&W sketch I did in the "monsters" theme. I guess this is more of a bossfight than a monster, per se. I experimented a lot with line thickness this time and learned a lot! I am especially happy with how the line thickness informs the dimensions and weight of the stone blocks.

Maybe you know me and you're thinking "hey man, the Exhaustion Knight looks like you". I promise I didn't plan it out, but that's where it went and I wasn't about to redraw it to get away from what my subconscious was telling me.

I'm really enjoying doing these, because I don't always have the focus and attention to work on something big. I do relatively few sketches - I hardly ever do more than one sketch for a painting - so a lot of my time goes into trying different ideas "on the canvas". More about this in a minute.

My creative output in the second half of 2023 was stunted. As I've written before, 2022 was my most productive year in terms of number of paintings finished. 2023 started off strong, and I produced three pieces of finished lineart in three weeks around August which I predicted would become remarkably good paintings. But midway through painting the first, I lost interest. The same thing happened with the second one. We're over a quarter of the year into 2024 and I haven't even started painting the third one! Not awesome.

Right now I'm betting that if I let myself draw something when I feel like drawing something, I'll eventually get around to finishing the other pictures. So far this year I've finished one actual painting which you will see soon. I am hoping I get more than four done in 2024, but we'll see what happens.